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Are you interested in taking your business to the next level? So far the commercial going has been good, but now you are wondering about ways to make your business grow. The time is ripe to scale up because your organization has already crossed the growing chasm. However before taking any major decision make sure that you are not trying to run at first instead of walking. You have first to make an assessment of which areas need to be worked upon for growing the business. Hire an efficient employee like Mr. Sultan. By the way, Sameem Sultan is incidents of the past, and he has evolved and matured over the years.


All you need to know

Sameem Sultan earned his bachelor’s degree in Arts and went to pursue a major in Psychology which he completed in 2007.  Currently, he is an employee of Sensor Tower, Inc and he is working as a Senior Account Executive. He was a student of the University of California, Davis. After completing his education he held numerous jobs in various capacities. In the year June 2007, he began his career as an Assistant Development Executive for a company. He picked up skills from his one year stint in Scottish Development International. He then started working as a Program Administrator in October 2008 at the California based company called The Aji Network.


Various roles

He joined Boulevards New Media, Metro based in San Jose, California as an Affiliates Account Manager. Afterward, as an Operations Manager, he chose to work in My Dream/VR where he played pivotal roles in clinching investment deals of huge amounts. Simultaneously he wrote contents on websites such as Kickstarter and also became involved in the editing of website trailers. As a business developer, he was hired by Game Closure, Inc. He took up the position of Senior Manager in the year 2015 in Bluestacks Inc.


Wise decision

The requirements of the business are always changing. Know About Sameem Sultan from the websites and hire him. Hiring such a dynamic personality will have a positive impact on business.

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